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A six-part guide to surviving and thriving when life’s lemons come your way!

Cabarete Life Coaching Lemon articlesSix and a bit months after a near fatal accident my heart and life are full of joy and gratitude. I can honestly say that my life is sweeter, more beautiful, and richer than it was pre-accident. It has to do with receiving life’s lemons and making lemonade or lemon meringue pie or whatever you wish in order to make the bitter lemon sweeter, to make your life sweeter!

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Susy Giddy on Finding Bravery - About the Antidote to Fear Podcast

Antidote to Fear Based Decisions Cabarete Lifecoaching Podcast Christal Earle Lifecoach Susy Giddy speaks about fear and the antidote to making decisions based on fear in this podcast on Christal Earle's "Finding Bravery". Christal Earle is a Canadian entrepreneur, author, professional speaker, charity worker and guide to many others finding their bravery. Click and listen to be inspired and learn about the Antidote to Fear Bsed Decisions.

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Interview With a Life Coach

Susy Giddy Life CoachLifestyle Cabarete online magazine Interviews Susy Giddy from Cabarete Life Coaching:
Cabarete is the home of a wide range of people from all walks of life and among the many different types of professionals this sports capital of the Caribbean hosts there is also a life coach. This interesting personality moved to Cabarete in 2009 together with her husband after pinky swearing that this is where their new home would be.  Over a Club Soda we spoke at length with Susy Giddy about her move to become a life coach and what it is she can do for others.

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Relationships - Their Impact On Health and Wellness

Cabarete Life Coaching RelationshipsYou don’t spell love, you feel it! We feel it in our hearts, minds and bodies. We feel love and relationships in such a way, that our health and well being are affected. As you read this article, take a moment to hold your relationships in your mind; one positive, one negative, observe the differences in how you feel in each one and, if possible, where the feelings show up in your body.

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Costco Advertisement making us smile

Cabarete Life Coaching Costco BrochureWaking up to happy feelings is a part of why we can benefit from life coaching sessions. When I started Cabarete Life Coaching here in Cabarete, I thought this image demonstrated exactly that; moving forward with a smile. Now, Costco thought the same! It made us smile and we keep moving forward with smiles. 

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Making Friends in Cabarete

Cabarete Life Coaching Making Friendship in CabareteArrival to Cabarete (or any other place) means leaving friends behind, and finding and making new friends comes easily and naturally for others, it can be a lonely isolating and challenging experience. Meeting and making new friends is a skill and like any other skill it can be learned and mastered!
Various studies have shown that social connections (Friends), are important to our wellbeing. Our health, minds, bodies and spirits, even our longevity are nurtured and nourished by Friendships! Social connections are important to both men and women and it appears that female friends are especially important to women. consider this quote from Shelley White:
"Cultivating my friendships has made my life so much better here, now it's a lot closer to the paradise I thought would be home!”

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Why use a life coach?

Cabarete Life Coaching

Many people turn to coaches of all sorts to maximize their enjoyment or potential to experience in many aspects of life, sports, arts, drama, voice.
Why? Professional coaches know how to bring out the champion in all of us. Exactly the same thing happens in life coaching, the partnership of coach and client produces personal and professional potential.

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The Pinky Swear

Cabarete Life Coaching Pinky SwearIt took the Power of a PINKY SWEAR to get my husband Martin and I to achieve our dream of moving from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Cabarete, Dominican Republic. Everyone knows, once a Pinky Swear is made, it must not be broken or ELSE! { it is not known exactly what would happen,some say it is not healthy for the pinky fingers}, but mostly no one breaks the solemn promise.

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