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Cabarete Life Coaching Pinky SwearIt took the Power of a PINKY SWEAR to get my husband Martin and I to achieve our dream of moving from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Cabarete, Dominican Republic. Everyone knows, once a Pinky Swear is made, it must not be broken or ELSE! { it is not known exactly what would happen,some say it is not healthy for the pinky fingers}, but mostly no one breaks the solemn promise.

In 2002, we made our first trip to the beautiful, green tropical island of the Dominican Republic. Just as we had fallen in love with one another, two decades before, we fell madly and passionately in love with everything about the place. starting with the sun, the warmth, the people, the music, ahhhhh the music, salsa, merengue and bachata - rythms that reach our souls.

As we boarded the plane to return to Canada that March of 2002, we cried, the thought of leaving our paradise was so painful. The love affair did not ease off upon our return to Eastern Canada, our minds and hearts were still in that beautiful green Island of Hispanolia. Like many others, we led busy lives, owners of an Indoor Tennis Club, a busy architectural carreer, most of the time we lived in a blur of never ending to do lists, but the seed of something big had been planted and even at the end of 12 hour days, we had time for Salsa lessons! { owing to having four left feet between us, learning to dance salsa has been a slow on going process}.

Over the next few years, we returned as often as we could to Cabarete, in 2004 we bought a condo on the ocean and spent as much time as possible in it! Each time we came, we had long conversations about moving here, staring out at the ocean we longed to call this place home, to put down roots. It felt so right, so what we were meant to do. So we would vow to make the move.

BUT, upon our return to our lives, rather quickly our resolve would fade. All the "yeah buts" rushed in and took over. " yeah, but that is a crazy idea" " yeah but what about the house' " yeah but what about the club", the this, the that' " Maybe it is tropical fever that makes you think it is a good idea" And pretty soon we would be back to our blurry, busy lives!

Until one night, sitting at our favorite restaurant on Cabarete Beach, we said, we have to do this!!! Eyes full of tears, we knew what we had to do, so pinkies linked we did our Pinky Swear: We will move to Cabarete! That was on June 21, 2009! And on the afternoon of October 21, 2009 Martin and I and two kitty cats arrived, home to our beloved Cabarete.

The Pinky Swear and it's certainty gave us the courage to make the changes that needed to be made to get here, it made us clear, we overcame fears, uncertainty and doubt! We stayed the course because we knew that going against a Pinky Swear just can't be done.

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