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Cabarete Life Coaching RelationshipsYou don’t spell love, you feel it! We feel it in our hearts, minds and bodies. We feel love and relationships in such a way, that our health and well being are affected. As you read this article, take a moment to hold your relationships in your mind; one positive, one negative, observe the differences in how you feel in each one and, if possible, where the feelings show up in your body.



Cabarete Life Coaching Relationships

Seven Benefits of Being in A couple Relationship

It turns out that being in a positive couple relationship has many health and wellness benefits. Here are seven:

  1. Fewer mental health problems, relatively fewer incidents of depression, anxiety, mood disorders and adjustment problems.
  2. Reduced pain. People in a positive couple relationship experience less pain for shorter periods. Apparently, even looking at a photograph of one’s loved one produces pain relieving hormone’s in the body.
  3. Couples experience reduced stress levels. It appears that being in a happy couple relationship both buffers one from stress, as well as offers support in stressful situations.
  4. Longer life expectancy is enjoyed by couples, compared to their single counter parts.
  5. Health Helper. It appears that having a mate helps us to be healthier because they help us take better care of ourselves and because we take better care of ourselves for the sake of our mates. As an example, one may not want to go for an annual medical, but we go at the urging of our partner.
  6. They eat better. When compared with their single counter parts, generally couples have better eating habits, possibly they prepare meals together or enjoy preparing meals for one another, as opposed to grabbing a bite on their own.
  7. Fewer risk taking behaviors, such as less substance abuse, less drinking and fewer activities causing risk. 

Cabarete Life Coaching RelationshipsCabarete Life Coaching Relationships

Seven Ways Friendships are great for Your Health
Friends provide fun, fellowship and emotional support and connection. 

  1. Friends may extend your life. There is a two times stronger correlation to longevity, over regular exercise and having a strong friendship base. It has the equivalent health benefit to quitting smoking.
  2. Researchers think that friendships and health are landed through the body’s processing of stress.
  3. Your pals make you generally healthier by lowering blood pressure, lowering your body mass index, waist circumference and even reducing inflammation in the body. All indicators of health.
  4. Friendships are good for keeping the brain healthy. This works by keeping brain pathways working, learning new things and laying down new neuron pathways through new experiences.
  5. Friends help health by giving us a healthier immune system, thereby protecting us from illness and disease.
  6. Your BFF can get you through the tough stuff so the down-in-the-dump kind of days are fewer.
  7. Friends help you pick up the pieces after, illness, divorce and death. 

Cabarete Life Coaching RelationshipCabarete Life Coaching Relationships

Seven Boosts of Consequential Strangers
Consequential strangers are the people we come in contact with and form social connections but are not friends (at least in the beginning). People, such as the security guards, waiters, grocery clerks, mail people and many, many more.

  • They help us stay healthy by increasing the connections we have, they are both similar and different to the connections we have with friends. They fill in gaps of human connection in a world that is, in many ways, becoming more and more virtual. Consider the connection difference between weekly visits to the same bank teller and the relationship with a banking machine.
  • I wave and smile to the security guard, thumbs up to the guy on the horse and they each give a boost to the day.
  • A little chat with a neighbor over the back fence, gives a sense of knowing and being known.
  • Consequential stranger can give practical help information, ideas, lend tools we need etc. all of which add value to our lives.
  • They help during emergencies.
  • The “Stranger on a Train” phenomenon is one which secrets are told to a perfect stranger, appearing to have the psychological benefit of venting without the fear of being judged.
  • New ideas and information can be passed on through conversations with Consequential Strangers. 

Cabarete Life Coaching RelationshipsCabarete Life Coaching Relationships

Seven Tips for Having Healthier Relationships 

  • Get clear about what you are looking for.
  • Develop a strategy for finding what you are looking for.
  • Understand that the world of relationships is both rewarding and challenging. The #1 reason people come to me as a Life Coach is for relationships.
  • Recognize your past relationship patterns, and develop awareness of how they affect present choices.
  • Develop an awareness of how you show up in relationships.
  • Set healthy boundaries. 7) Show up as your Authentic Self. Conclusion Relationships, whether the most intimate as in a romantic couple, or the most casual, as the stranger on the train, gives us joy and helps us process life, which in turn makes us healthier.


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