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Antidote to Fear Based Decisions Cabarete Lifecoaching Podcast Christal Earle Lifecoach Susy Giddy speaks about fear and the antidote to making decisions based on fear in this podcast on Christal Earle's "Finding Bravery". Christal Earle is a Canadian entrepreneur, author, professional speaker, charity worker and guide to many others finding their bravery. Click and listen to be inspired and learn about the Antidote to Fear Bsed Decisions.

Lifecoach Susy Giddy about Finding Bravery and the antidote of Fear Based DecisionsSusy Giddy is a life coach, focused on helping people “bust obstacles”.  Her work has led her to helping clients learn how to choose abundance over scarcity and recognizing.
- Christal Earle
In this episode, Susy and Christal talk about:
• the power of letting go of old ways of thinking
• the only things that mattered to her after her accident
• the insufficiency of the simple word, “love”
• how it serves us to love openly, no matter what
• tools to help build relationships
• the energy levels in our bodies between fear and love
• how to recognize that you are making a fear based decision
• how we shift our relationships with our obstacles

Source: www.finidngbravery.com 




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