Lemon Fear Cabarete Life Coaching WeekSo far, we have seen that the ingredients for making lemonade; lemons, sugar, and water, correspond to life’s lemons, sweeteners, and flow. While ice, is the crowning glory to lemonade, icy fear stops us from making lemonade out of lemons. It can paralyse us, keep us from moving, keep us from our sweeteners, keep us from gratitude, keep us stuck and looking back and certainly keep us from joy! So, when it comes to ice and fear our recipes part ways!

ice fear lemonFear is present in every lemon I have ever heard of, it is part of the bitterness, it is part of the sourness. Some fear is in your face, call it what it is, fear. Like me being afraid of driving, or someone fearing not finding another job, or getting their hearing back or finding a home. Other fears show up in a sneakier way! Like squirrel chatter in our minds, “I don’t feel like it today”, can mask the truth which is why we are afraid to do such and such or this and that. “I’m not up to dropping off my resume today” could mean, I am scared I won’t get an interview!

So, the thing is to try to welcome and expect fear, because it is normal! Sometimes fear is your friend. Like when it keeps you from doing something which is dangerous like driving too fast or skiing down an icy mountain without the skill to do so. But, fear can be your foe, when it keeps you from finding joy or sweetness! When it keeps you stuck, when it keeps you from being and doing what brings you joy!

Become familiar with your voice of fear! Where does it show up? When is it your friend, when is it your foe. When is it protecting you from danger? When is it preventing you from moving forward. Where does it show up in your body? Does it have a particular voice? Does it use certain words? Hint words like should, always, never, often show up as masked fear! “I shouldn’t go out dancing tonight”, could be, I am too afraid to get up in front of others! I could never learn to…. could mean I am afraid I won’t be able to…. I always …. Could be hiding fear of change!

So, welcome fear, it is a part of life, get acquainted with it, make friends with it! Learn when it is serving you and when it is holding you back.


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A Six-Part Guide to surviving and thriving when life’s lemons come your way!

Six and a bit months after a near fatal accident my heart and life are full of joy and gratitude. I can honestly say that my life is sweeter, more beautiful, and richer than it was pre-accident. It has to do with receiving life’s lemons and making lemonade or lemon meringue pie or whatever you wish in order to make the bitter lemon sweeter, to make your life sweeter!

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What Is International Coaching Week

International Coaching Week Cabarete Life

During this week, coaches around the world offer a variety of activities and pro bono services in their local communities to share coaching’s impact. From educational sessions to coaching demonstrations to panel discussions, ICW offers something for everyone. Originally started in 1999 by ICF Member Jerri N. Udelson, MCC, ICW educates the public about the value of working with a professional coach and acknowledges the results and progress made through the coaching process.
- International Coaching Federation

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