Gratitude Cabarete Life Coaching Lemons CoachingSo, we’ve got our lemonade, the lemons, the sugar, the water, and the ice, yummy! However, we decide we want to go back. We want them separated, we want the water out, the sugar gone and the parts individual again. In short, we no longer want lemonade, we want to go back! We boil an egg and change our minds, we want the raw egg back. We want things to be as they were before! Before the lemon that came our way, before the accident, the break up, before the loss. We want things back to NORMAL. We want things back the way they were. The way they are SUPPOSED to be. Here is the thing, just as we cannot undo the lemonade or get the raw egg back, we simply can’t go back to the way things were. Nothing will undo what transpired with the lemon.

Life's LemonsMy husband and I will NEVER be the same as we were before the accident. It is not possible. We so much wanted things to be the same that we replaced the totalled car with the exact same year, make, model and color. Guess what, it is not the same car! It is a different car, beautiful, but not the same car. It was not possible to go back to the crashed car!

At first, we talked about getting back to normal, going back to the way things were! It was because we had not yet learned the most important ingredient of all, Gratitude! As long as we focused on what we lost, we could not experience what we had gained. I am talking about the gratitude that you feel in your mind, body and spirit. The full meal-deal gratitude. NOT thinking “Oh aren’t we lucky in our minds”, but experiencing gratitude in every cell of your body. The gratitude lets the joy and the sweetness in! And guess what, joy and sweetness grow, they spread into every aspect of your life!

So, next time you receive a lemon, take your lemon, add sugar, water, ice, and gratitude, and make your own special lemonade!


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A Six-Part Guide to surviving and thriving when life’s lemons come your way!

Six and a bit months after a near fatal accident my heart and life are full of joy and gratitude. I can honestly say that my life is sweeter, more beautiful, and richer than it was pre-accident. It has to do with receiving life’s lemons and making lemonade or lemon meringue pie or whatever you wish in order to make the bitter lemon sweeter, to make your life sweeter!

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What Is International Coaching Week

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During this week, coaches around the world offer a variety of activities and pro bono services in their local communities to share coaching’s impact. From educational sessions to coaching demonstrations to panel discussions, ICW offers something for everyone. Originally started in 1999 by ICF Member Jerri N. Udelson, MCC, ICW educates the public about the value of working with a professional coach and acknowledges the results and progress made through the coaching process.
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