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Tell me how Life Coaching works?

Together, the clients and coach meet, normally for one hour per week, in person, by phone or by Skype. The first session, establishes the clients coaching agenda, in other words what does the client want to achieve through coaching. This is  done by exploring, assessing and identifying the goals and needs of the client!

Each subsequent session, involves engaging in Coaching Conversations, which support, discover and uncover both the dreams and the blocks of the client.

In between session work, or homework is a critical piece of the coaching process. Each week, from the Coaching Conversation, the client and coach will develop homework, which will support the client's journey. In other words, steps that need to be taken to get to where the client wishes to go. A key role of the Coach is to support the client, by holding the client accountable to complete the between session work!

Each session begins with an agenda brought forward by the client and ends with both client ad coach evaluating the session to see if the goals of the agenda were met.

At Cabarete Life Coaching, the coach is available between sessions, for support or information, either by phone, Skype, messaging or e-mail.


A treasure chest of tools helps guide the way; exercises, assessments, maps, audios, readings, homework and more!

You are the expert in your own life

I help you get more, of yourself by listening to understand, asking thought provoking questions and by challenging your self-limiting beliefs, championing your success and holding you accountable to your highest dreams and goals.